I'm Paula Dieck and I'm adoptedAs an adoptee, have you ever asked these questions: “Who Am I,” “Why Did They Leave Me,” or “What’s wrong with me?” If so, I know exactly how you feel.  I’m Paula Dieck, and I’m adopted.

I spent most of my life wondering these things and much more. I could never understand the feelings of abandonment, fear, loss and loneliness I experienced as an adoptee.

As a child, and even into adulthood, I often felt like I was on the outside, looking in. Even thought I had a wonderful family, I was still effected by the trauma of adoption.

Eventually, I reached a point where I discovered I didn’t have to feel that way any longer. That was the beginning of my journey of self-improvement and personal growth which eventually lead me to a place of self-love.

As an adoptee, if you’d like to learn some skills to cope with these kinds of feelings, then I can help.

I am an Empowerment Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist, and I specialize in healing adoption trauma. At the same time, I will assist you in creating the mindset to overcome self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living your full potential.

I work with people just like you, to help you discover a new perspective about your adoption journey, a way to heal, to forgive, to accept and ultimately embrace the extraordinary life you were born to live. As an adoptee, your beginnings do not have to define your journey or your destiny.

Call or email today to schedule a FREE, confidential consultation. This may be that magic moment you’ve been waiting for all of your life!